You are (not) being watched

Hayes Island snack bar. Picture courtesy of the excellent urban75.

Arguably my favourite books are dystopian. No idea why. I suspect it’s the current and insecure knowledge that we enjoy reasonable freedoms in the UK. We can blog, tweet, vote and comment, safe in the knowledge that a SWAT team aren’t about to crash through your window and confiscate your books. Vive democracy. However, riding home on Tuesday evening via The Hayes – Cardiff’s picturesque* Victorian heart – I spotted what at first glance looked like a huge automaton gazing down on passers-by, it’s all-seeing eye sweeping the urban landscape for pockets of dissent. Being a cyclist I knew this would mark me out as trouble, so I threw myself down behind the Hayes Island snack and crawled along the floor.

The perfumed automaton

I needn’t have bothered. It was a perfume ad.I think I’m going to have to read less Bradbury, Moore and Wyndham. 🙂

As an aside, the omnipresent CCTV camera is situated dead opposite our fine smelling automaton. If the bloody thing was facing the other way, Cardiff’s finest would have a magnificent view of the bikes parked underneath.

'Over here mate!' cyclists would benefit from that extra little bit of interest.

*I’m not really including the House of Fraser (Howells) building in the ‘picturesque’ bit. The Old library, cemetery and St John’s Church (where my parents were married) are bloody lovely.

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  1. I agree, more interest would be nice! But I’ve also read that the bike spaces down by Capitol shopping centre on Queen Street is notoriously bad for cyclists and that place is watched from all angles by plenty of cameras.

    So cameras don’t necessarily help. We need something better.

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