The road less travelled.

Last night my bags were packed. Ortliebs stacked to the gunnels with wicking base layers, anti-malarial tablets and thermal long johns. Except they weren’t of course; a day dreaming flight of fancy after watching the trailer for the Salsa movie ‘Reveal the Path’. The short trailer brough back pre-parental responsiblity memories of Kathmandu with its warm chaotic streets, memories of split apple rock in Abel Tasman national park (New Zealand) and fond recollections of being buzzed by a Sea Eagle whilst competing in the LAMM on the Isle of Mull. All these memories had been lost to the mists of time and the winds of professional development*. Quite how a 2 minute teaser can evoke that little lot I don’t know. Perhaps it was the heady cocktail of ‘Ultimate stout’ (a 7.7% ABV Bristol beer that does what it says on the bottle), a long day of running about and a steady shift at the keyboard. Anyway……Try it for size. Just don’t do a runner (yet, at least. Wait for me).

*A posh way of saying ‘work’.

Reveal the path has been supported by Salsa cycles and will be coming to a theatre near you. Best keep me away from it. My legs are still twitching.

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