Carry that weight.

Whenever I see a cargo bike, I always get dewy eyed about their potential. I love the fact that a walloping load of stuff can be carted around under your own stream and I envy those that have one. Eventually I’ll create that space in the garage; shift an item or two on ebay and take the plunge. A cargo bike represents a lot more than utility; it’s a very visible endorsement of sustainable transport options and a passport to a self-sufficient community. If Odoni customers weren’t liberally scattered all around the UK I’d attempt to build a rock-solid case for a company ‘Bullitt’, but given the limitations – very big/heavy items, georgraphically dispersed market – I’d say my chances are bordering on non-existent. Many thanks to ‘Strahanger’ author Taras Grescoe for bringing my attention to ‘Cargo Bike Roll call’ a site dedicated to cargo bike imagery and comment. I couldn’t resist borrowing this funky piece of art from it.

Taras Grescoe can be found on Twitter @grescoe . He’s the author of ‘Straphanger’, an argument for sustainable transport policies that I’ve had an order for far too long (it’s to be published soon).

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