Spray it with flowers

Scott’s bike (‘When Louis met Scott’ post below) has provoked quite different reactions. Beauty of course, is always in the eye of the beholder and a finished bike as deliberate, targeted and extreme as the LV build will always divide opinion. Scott’s aim of showing just what is possible when attention is paid to detail has however, been ably achieved (it’s a show bike/advert not intended for riding, rather than an around town cruiser). There’s little doubt that Scott’s bike garnered a lot of attention outside Bespoked and my shoddy camera work doesn’t do this labour of love justice. There was a serious amount of man hours involved and I doff my cap in his general direction.

In his comment (again in the post below), Saarf asked for re-spray suggestions for a frame project that he’s working on. If you were to ask my riding buddies if was I the right person to consult over such matters, I’m fairly certain you’d get a resounding ‘no’. My bikes tend to be understated to the point of invisibility, with taste veering toward the classic. As I crash/break the bloody things with startling regularity, a good paint job will be entirely wasted on any bike that finds itself in the unfortunate position of being under my backside. However………I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so here is a slide show of bikes that have caught my eye in the last 6 months (including a sneaky picture of my own favourite bike – I bet it stands out as being boring). When I get around to sorting out a frame for Paris-Brest-Paris, I’ll be returning to this blog post to give Mercian cycles an idea of what I’m after.

Saarf; good luck with the re-spray. Drop us a picture when you’re sorted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Regards to Reprays, Argos in Bristol been around decades & tend to do a great job. But with all the attendees at Bespoke you should have a great many to chose from, Chas Roberts, Mercian etc think they all still do resprays & I assume they’ll spray not just their own frames.

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