When Louis met Scott

Need a vintage bike restored for L'Eroica? (image by Edouard Sepulchre).

Whilst we were at Bespoked, Andrew and I thought we were witnessing some form of divine event. The masses flocked to a spot just beyond our cycle parking, gathering awe-struck and dewy eyed around a person/object/celestial being. As the Welsh can be notoriously nosy (“”What’s that then?”, “Whose coat is this jacket?” etc. etc.), Andrew and I were drawn like moths to a flame. Joining the outer reaches of the throng and peering over the top we obtained a fleeting glimpse of the object d’art – a single speed finished in Louis Vitton livery and a smattering of hand-whittled wood.

Whether Louis Vitton is your bag (boom boom) or not, Scott – the man behind the artwork – did an absolutely amazing job of constructing and finishing the bike. Choosing LV as the subject, Scott was able to demonstrate just what’s possible when the details are meticulously observed. He made the seatpost and pedals from wood, scoured the web for matching components and hand finished/painted the frame. The paint job was simply remarkable and my photo’s barely do justice to it. If I was lucky enough to have a vintage frame for restoration, this is the man I would send it to (and given that I’m seeking a vintage frame for L’Eroica, I’ll hopefully be sending him one in the very near future). Scott’s background in high-end automotive bodywork has prepared him well for God’s* recreational and practical vehicle of choice;  the singlespeed.

The proof of the pudding – as they say – is in the eating, so feast your eye’s on Scott’s handiwork in the slide show below. If you’re wondering how an Odoni rack snuck into camera shot, we offered to look after Scott’s bike whilst he wandered around the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Scott is taking commissions for his paintwork and can do some very, very bespoke stuff. He can be contacted via e-mail at superomnia@live.co.uk . Scott is based in Dorset. If you are entered in this year’s L’Eroica, I am more envious that you can possibly imagine.

*Whilst I don’t hold any religious views, I’m pretty sure that if there is a God out there, you can bet he/she/it rides a bike equipped with one cog, a brooks saddle and enjoys a post-ride recovery Chimay (it is brewed by monks after all).

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  1. Ugly beyond belief. No foot retention, clearances you could herd cattle though and a terrible job on the paint – lv fabric is a print so why are the logos all centred?
    Great workmanship in the paint and woodwork, shame about the final result.

    2/10 and that’s being kind.

  2. Thanks Saarf and E for your comments.

    Saarf – Frame spraying….hmmm. I guess it depends on what type of frame you have and the type of look you’re after. My own tastes veer toward the retro and vintage, so I like classic paint jobs. I’ve popped another post above this which may (or may not!) give some ideas.

    E – Sorry, I had to edit your comment slightly. We like this site to be available for family use. I understand your comments, but in fairness, Scott’s work was very distinctive and designed to show what’s possible with paint (rather than a bike to ride). Again, I’ve popped up some clarifying comments above.

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