Life is too short…..

Do you ever get those days? Those bitter-sweet, demanding, the-day-is-too-long, but-life-is-too-short type of days? I think I’m watching the sun set on one now. Shackled to the desk at 6am (self-imposed), then meeting up with my cousins for the first time in years under sad circumstances (a funeral), I now find my mind wandering off to the cobbles and the flats, the rolling green fields and the sharp onset of hills. The quiet call of the country lane can be heard in the distance and my legs are aching to answer. It can be soul destroying watching a perfect spring day from an urban office with an industrial view – particularly when the important things in life are also pulled into sharp focus (family, friends, enjoying some ride time in spring). Still……after my race bike got treated to a thoroughly good service at the hands of Craig (he who waxes lyrical from time to time), I’ll answer that call in the Ronde. Soul food for sure.

Bikes, cobbles, life. It's all there (bike art seen at Bespoked)

Wherever you get your kicks, do try and get them right now. The sun is shining and life is short.

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