Can you help this man?

Here are some images of an absolutely ridiculous cruiser. With an Easy Rider aesthetic, it’s shape is so exaggerated that you just simply have to love it. Or at least I have to – it attracted my attention whilst I was on the stand at Bespoked.

To be honest, the bike couldn’t fail to attract attention. The handlebars seem to be about five and a half feet off the deck and I could see it approaching from about 3 miles away (even though the view from Temple Meads station is restricted by local buildings). It was deftly ridden into the parking area and given a brief tour of the cobbles before coming to rest in one of the few remaining toastrack spaces. The rust is just surface – I’ve been assured – and make him an offer and it might just be yours.

The owner of the bike is quite keen to find out a little more about it – age, manufacturer, that type of thing – and will be monitoring these pages to see if  you can help. Bike? Art? Spirit of the 60s? You be the judge. Avid academics of cycling history……..over to you.

Easy rider

Cop for that - a full beam from this beauty will look like an oncoming train.

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  1. Non-descript bike, built Far East probably China. Age a few years, not a antique & don’t think ever will be. But the important think if it brings a smile to your face while riding it, go with the flow. We have the right weather for cruising at the moment. 🙂

  2. Simon, thanks for putting the pic up. Yes, I was thinking it has hints of Chinese manufacturing. It certainly does attract attention and bring a smile to my face when I ride it. Particularly the friday night drinkers in Bristol city centre. Have to say the novelty is wearing off though!!

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