Spring is for classic races, cobbles and handmade bike shows.

Not me, but another visitor at Bespoked Bristol - the handmade bike show

From bike art corner. Grab a coffee or a beer, chill out under a print.

Wow. What a weekend; on all sorts of fronts. Firstly the weather was blistering, apparently warmer than the Sahara (at 22C/72F). Secondly, the clocks went back which meant that I was able to sneak in an hour and a bit ride over local hills after 5pm yesterday and still have plenty of light. And thirdly (and most importantly), we spent two and a bit days at Bespoked Bristol, crewing the bike park area, plugging our wares and taking it in turns to drool over artisan framework. With long days of talking, walking and hawking, I’ve got a right foot shaped – exactly – like a Victorian cobblestone (see picture of Victorian cobblestones to get the idea), parched lips from the sun and a great big grin from the wonders I’ve seen. Thank God I didn’t come equipped with a cheque book.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll post some images from the show, with examples of fine craftsmanship from Winter cycles, Mercian, Paper bike, Shand, et al. But here’s a couple to be going on with. Financial year-end calls and I’ve got auditors about to crawl over me like little clipboard wielding soldier ants. In a nice way of course 🙂

Paris, Condor. A beautiful little place on two wheels (queue Ry Cooder).

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