I ain’t pushy. Honest.

Promise, no hard sell. There, you heard it here first.

As I mentioned below, I’m doing this Tumble4life thingy, were you cycle up the Tumble (near Llanfoist in Monmouthshire) and try and climb it up to a maximum of 15 times. I’m doing it because I can (hopefully), because I have a very poorly relative, because you’re never far from this bloody disease and because it’s a good number of years since I did any of my own fund raising in earnest. So if you’re interested in supporting, I’ve set up some just giving pages here: http://www.justgiving.com/Simon-Nurse . All the cash will go to Cancer Research UK.

I’ll be out this evening torturing myself on the Col De Caerphilly*,  armed with my single speed, honking from side to side and causing irreparable damage to yet more bike bits. This is all par for the course and the lads at Cyclopedia would be disappointed if I did anything else. It keeps ’em in custard slices from Greggs.

Must dash.,,,,,,, It’s a darned fine late afternoon and the golden March sunshine cascades through my office window..

I bought this from Artcrank London a few months ago. It now seems wholly appropriate.

*I will continue to use the term ‘Col De Caerphilly’ in a vaguely ironic manner as it still makes me chuckle. A lump? Yes. A bit of chunky climb? No doubt. A Col? A COL???? NO.

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