Bespoked Bristol – Bike Parking, frames and more.

After chatting with Phil chief architect, planner and brains behind the wonderful Bespoked Bristol (the UK handmade bike show), we thought it would be a good idea to clarify the type of bike parking that we’ll be bringing for the big weekend. So I prepared a little statement for use on the Bespoked Bristol website. It goes like this <ahem, clears throat>…

Odoni cycle parking statement for Bespoked Bristol

We’ll be bringing along six toast racks for visitors of the show to use. They will be arranged inside a secluded area in full view of our stand. Whilst we can’t guarantee we’ll be watching over the bikes 100% of the time (hopefully we’ll be chatting to visitors about cycling and showing off our wares), we will be very present, very obvious and a probable deterrent for potential bike thieves. Bring a good quality ‘D’ lock, preferably a cable lock  to keep it company (and make your wheels secure and potential theft more tricky) and your treasured bike (we value ours too) should still be there on return. We hope you have a great visit to the show.

If you’re unfamiliar with a toast rack, here’s a nice image of some awaiting despatch (below). These were painted up in Artcrank colours, so ours will have a more prosaic galvanised finish (we can finish them in whatever colour you like if you’re interested….). They’re tough as old boots and bloody heavy. Each toast rack will accommodate 10 bikes, so as we’re bringing 6 of ’em, we’ll be providing enought storage for 60 bikes in total. As you can see, my maths is pie hot. 🙂


I’d be pretending if I said we weren’t getting just a teeny bit excited about this. Our new gazebo pitched up today (boom, boom), we’re currently squabbling over who gets to socialise on Friday night and who gets to put all the stuff away (I’m tallest, so I’m pressing home my advantage) and we’re thrilled with a funky new bike stand that we’ve designed exclusively for the show (currently kept under wraps, locked inside a secure shelter and guarded 24/7).

It didn’t help that I received a very distracting  e-mail from Bicycling Times. It contained some stunning bike p0rn from NAHBS in Sacramento, including the beauties below. I particularly like the Cherubim, though I’m not sure it would be a terribly good idea to come to an abrupt stop whilst riding one. It looks very ‘family jewels’ unfriendly (!). As for the Frances cycles, cargo bike (bottom), it has that WW1 trench chic thingy going on. I rather like it (canvas that is, not gruelling trench warfare). I think (but only think, so please don’t quote me on this), that Tokoyo Fixed Gear may have a Cheribum present for Bespoked.

Equally - "Wow!" and "Ouch!". The beautiful Cherubim. Images courtesy of Bicycling Times.

No load to heavy. Robust and easy on the eye - Frances cycles.

Bespoked Bristol will be at the Passenger shed, Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station from the 23rd-25th March 2012.  Pop down for a chat with us and a marvel at the lovely bikes. Details of tickets and exhibitors are available here.



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