Ain’t no mountain high enough

'Last climb' by Diana Sudyaka

Very shortly there will be a little event in Monmouthshire. I’ll be doing it (just this minute signed up) and I’m rather hoping that you’d like to join me. Or sponsor me. Or – best of all! – both.

The Tumbleup4life has been set up to support cancer recovery and to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by cancer sufferers. The event entails multiple attempts of ‘The Tumble’ a tricky little hill near Llanfoist (Monmouth) that rises from 54m to 512 m over the space of 6km. The organisers set a limit (and therefore a challenge) of conquering the hill a maximum of 15 times, proudly pointing out that cycling the Tumble 15 times adds up to 6870 meters – more than (and just in case it’s wrong; I’m quoting this) “Alpe d’Huez 6 times”.

So why am I doing it? Partly inspired by our friend Reka (see ‘the ride’ blog post below) and the recent news that my cousin Emily (10 years my junior) has an extremely aggressive form of the disease, and also because I feel quite strongly that were you can help, you should. I’ve not been active on the charity front for quite some time. I don’t profess to be the world’s greatest hill climber, but I do like ’em, enjoy a bit of self-inflicted misery, am very bloody minded and would otherwise spend the day lounging in our loft, flicking through cycling books, drinking coffee and eating exceptionally rich chunks of dark chocolate.

Fancy it? Gone on; I know you want to. Details of the Tumble4life event are here. I’ll set up a just giving thingy shortly.

And No I won’t be doing it on my singlespeed. 🙂

Apologies to both the late great Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terell, for nicking their song title.

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