The evenings lengthen.

Yesterday evening I cycled back from the Millennium stadium. It as after 6pm. The sun’s dying embers were setting in the West. Flies hovered at eye level. Students wandered back to their residences, ball in one hand, spent BBQ set in the other. I’d spent a sport orientated day. First thing in the morning I’d headed out along the ‘flats’ the section of marsh land between Cardiff and Newport – an ideal pre-amble to the nearby hills. Cyclists offered the only traffic and a relatively benign wind gently shoved me along. Turning into the hills, my choice of gearing (46 x 18) did its job; a relentless soft burn all the way home. I rode up Caerphiily mountain from a new direction (for my single speed at least – there are 6 road options, all of them chunky) and eked the last ounces out of a tight time frame. I returned, sprinted through the changing routine, picked up my other single speed and pedalled off into town. Several hours later – tired and content – I cycled back in the most glorious sunshine. The bicycle providing sport, transport and soul food all in one day.

Now that the evenings are extending, the options are opening out. The cycle home can be extended. A training ride can be snuck in-between commitments. A quick blast of mountain biking with riding buddies or a solo time trial on the road bike. These options now exist. Go have fun.

Image by Justin Mezzell. Click on image to visit Justin's site.


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