The Hillingdon Hunt

Ahh, the one type of hunt I would definitely approve of. Tokyo fixed gear have organised a fixed gear (and no brakes) race at Hillingdon racing circuit for the first bank holiday in May. As deserving of a race of this nature, they’ve designed a thoroughly arty poster.

Sounds absolutely fantastic, though I won’t be there. The combination of fixed gear, no brakes, large(ish) field and my competitive streak is a disaster waiting to happen. Nobody wants to be scudded by a 12 and a half stone rabid Welshman. I’ll wait until they offer a single speed alternative (or I organise one!). But if you’re all fixie’d up, free and keen for a blast, here are the details:

Details as follows:

Sunday 6th May / Bank Holiday Weekend
One Race / 45 Minutes + 5 Laps /  Brakeless Fixed Gear Only
(Though they are toying with the idea of splitting the field into two races).
Prizes to include frames, entry into the next Red Hook Race and cash.
Racer registration date TBC / 65 Racers maximum / £20 Entry
Keep your eyes peeled on the Tokyo Fixed Gear website. for more details.
I rather like Tokyo fixed gear for their punky attitude, funky range and fantastic moniker. Vive the independent bike shops!

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