It’s going to rain

Wind has buffeted my house, my legs and my bike. Clouds have zipped by at breakneck speed. The bin blew over, but the sun shone. Tomorrow morning we’re expecting over an inch of rain. Not enough to masquerade as a monsoon, but enough to soak your socks. It’ll probably warrant the gameful employment of overshoes but I won’t remember them. I’ll be too eager to get out the door and I’m useless with kit. Spring’s emergence has been very enjoyable so far. Flowers peeping through the soil. Flies unexpectedly mugging you in the shade. On Wednesday you would have believed its May (and I’m sure that in May it will feel like March). Still, It’ll be wet tomorrow morning. Lobbing it down. Raining cats and dogs and stair-rods. Ahead lies a solid 4 hours of mountain biking in the mud, the gloop and the slop. Excellent. 

With thanks to Jess at Jess' site

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