Pea soup for breakfast

1950's London

What a beautiful and eerie start to the day. A thick mist currently envelopes Cardiff. Droplets of moisture hang on my frame like tiny tears. Its in stark contrast to the glorious sunshine and warmth of yesterday.  Riding along the Taff Trail, I felt like a silhouette from an image of 1950s London; a silently gliding figure, dark and anonymous. It surprised me how little traffic I encountered. Normally it’s a velo motorway but today cyclists provided barely a footnote.  A shame really, as picking your way quietly towards the eroding boundaries of the mist proved deeply relaxing and a rare pleasure. Emerging from Bute Park,  I also got the sense that motorists were taking their civic responsibilities  seriously.  I was afforded lots of space on the notorious ‘Boulevard Des Nantes’ and a cabbie on Newport Road was exceptionally patient and forgiving (with hindight I was occupying just a tad too much of the bus/taxi/bike lane).  The presence of ‘a pea-souper’ providing a gentle reminder that city conditions require careful handling.

2012 Blackweir bridge

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