Two hours and one gear. Satisfaction level? Infinite.

Traitor Luggernaut, top of Pound Hill yesterday.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. No question. After being out for far too long the previous day (watching the rugby at Twickenham), I only had a couple of hours spare and these needed to be taken early. The sky was an azzuri blue. Occasional clouds lazily drifted by. The breeze was slight and carried the scent of spring upon it. I took my Traitor Luggernaut for a spin. Out along the Newport flats, up Pound hill, pause to admire the sun sparkling on the Bristol Channel and squint at distant Devon, before heading for the rolling tapestry of Cefn Mably, Rudry and home. I’d forgotten how much tougher my Luggernaut is. Geared at 46 x 18, the legs need some cajoling while cresting sharp lumps. Still, when the sun is shining, you’re on the clock and keen to make it count, there’s only one mantra:

Created by my own fair hands with the 'Keep-calm-o-matic'. Feel free to use and follow to the letter.

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