Highlight the dangers, offer the solutions.

Urgently needed - less of these sights.....

Disappointingly, there is no way that I’ll now make the 14.55 train from Cardiff to Paddington today. So I’ll have to do my bit via the medium that is available to me; the internet.If you’re in the London area today and equipped with two wheels and enough time on your hands, head over to the Mall at 18.15 (18.30 start) for a ride that will aim to raise awareness of road danger and ask MPs to make the success of continental-standard infrastructure a key part of their Commons debate on cycling the following day.

Details of the ride (courtesy of The London Cycling Campaign) are as follows:

The ride

The ride is being organised and marshalled by iBikeLondon, Cyclists in the City and the London Cycling Campaign. It will be sensibly marshalled and respectful to other road users. Expect it to last around 45 minutes.

The route

The Mall (Duke of York steps) – Horseguards Parade – Parliament Square – Lambeth Bridge – Westminster Bridge – Parliament Square – Whitehall – Trafalgar Square – Admiralty Arch – The Mall.


So why is this important? If you pedal two wheels, every time you share the road, you share it with hurtling metal boxes capable of inflicting massive injury or worse. There is little protection afforded to cyclists, despite reducing inner city traffic chaos, contributing significantly to carbon emission reductions, exacting few demands on road surfaces, generating little noise pollution and making urban spaces more people centric.

...and more of these. Getting politicians to buy into this vision (courtesy of the London Cycling Campaign) could have far reaching implications.

Incidentally for the irate motorists out there who struggle to empathise, I also drive a hurtling metal box. Except I try not to make it hurtle and I only use it when I really need to. 95% of the time my metal box keeps a patch of tarmac dry outside my house. Why? Because it’s cheaper, quicker, healthier and more sensible to cycle. Oh and before the weather thing is laid on me, so far at least, I’ve discovered that I don’t erode in the rain, melt in the sun or solidify in the cold (and quite often  it’s dry). Sermon over.

Tonight’s ride is jointly organised by the London Cycling Campaign, ibikeLondon and Cyclists in the City. It will benefit all people who cycle on UK roads.

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  1. Excellent 🙂 I have found that in the sun I go a rather lovely shade of brown, the “problem” being that I get that nice shade of brown on BOTH my arms and not just the one hanging out of the window 😉 As I’ve said before when being royally caught out by a surprise rain storm, on a thankfully warm day “Skin is waterproof!” and their is nought more enjoyable then riding in the rain and NOT caring about how wet you are.

  2. Quite right! 2 million years of evolution has provided us with the capability to be outside. 100 years of car use has made many people soft. Embrace the conditions and reap the benefits. Vive le velo.

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