Vive le Vélo

Image via Boneshaker magazine

Well…’s that time of year isn’t it? Spring is (nearly) in the air, the Odoni office needs a lick of paint and a bit of a spruce, we like a little bit of bike art, a tweet flies into the ether and BUMPF, a new piece of art is procured and flying our way.

The screen print above was designed by John Coe the Creative Director of Boneshaker for the 2011 Artcrank LDN show at Look Mum No Hands. Given that we loaned the use of our bike racks to the same event, I thought it would be nice to have a little souvenir for our soon to be decorated meeting room. A bit like Mr Ben.

If you’re not sure who Mr Ben is, picture me standing bolt upright, hands on hips, tutting and shaking my head in mock disbelief, then click this link to share a part of 1970s childhood.

Nice piece of art though, eh? There are still some dyed in the wool motorists amongst our company ranks, so I’m deploying all of my psychological weapons in a bid to wean them off the combustion engine and onto two wheels. Artwork, good books and beautiful images of steel frames figure prominently amongst them. They won’t resist forever 🙂

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