Copenhagen? Amsterdam? Nearer to home?

Go on......have a guess.

So where do you think this photo was taken? In the words of Mrs Doyle (from Father Ted), ‘Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on’. Have a guess. Copenhagen? Amsterdam? or Bristol Temple Meads station at around lunchtime yesterday? Ok. I may have given it away a little with the precise time of the photo, but please don’t tell me you didn’t at least think just a teeny weeny bit that it was our continental friends? It’s almost a surreal scene; cycles are on the march (roll?) and taking over the world.

We’re Brits. So we’re good at doing ourselves down. If it was an olympic discipline we’d be occupying all three spots on the podium. When I see a scene like this –  a veritable sea of cycles at a central transport hub in a major UK city – I feel a little spark of hope and a larger twang of pride. Motorists may currently (emphasis on ‘currently’) enjoy the bragging rights when it comes to dominating transport policy, but things can’t be all bad when hundreds of cyclists rock up at the train station and head off to their place of work or study on the only truly sensible form of inner city transport.

In an Odoni capacity, I was in Bristol to talk about cycling with like minded collaborators. I can’t think of many better UK settings to further a two wheeled agenda.

Can you top that picture for large numbers of UK bikes ‘at rest’? If so, drop us a line at

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