Push it real good.

We do like a nice piece of bike art, particularly when the art in question is (a) Fantastic, (b) altruistic and (c) Fantastic. That’s right, fantastic TWICE. Eagle eyed fellow cyclist (and runner) Matt Townsend spotted this particularly fine example of cycle art on the pages of the Creative Review. Produced by Riccardo Guasco, it is one of  a number of original posters sold by Push cycles, based in Newington Green (London). Cycle themed screenprints will appear in limited edition runs of 30, selling at £30 each. Half of the profits will go to the artist, with the other half donated to the Brain Tumour Trust (meeting the ‘altruistic’ element of our 3 key criteria). Once again I can feel the coins draining out of my wallet. I don’t think I’ll ever be a rich man, but then I don’t believe in that type of pointless accumulation anyway (except…. accumulating bikes…..well…… that’s different).

Image by Riccardo Guasco

No Salt n’Pepa songs were harmed during the making of this blog post. I promise to try harder.

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