Warmer climes

It was freezing on Friday. Proper cold. Temperature plummeting well below zero and taking its chill right through to your core. On the return leg from our Midlands factory, the sun cast long shadows across the Gloucestershire countryside. Ross and Monmouth basked in the weak sun. From the interior of our cruising metal box, you could easily be convinced that the temperature danced between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade. But it wasn’t. No sirreee.

Majorca for the warmth starved cyclist.

Yesterday it snowed. I spent the afternoon lobbing snowballs at Evelyn as she learnt how to duck. I was glad to have run on the frozen mud rather than face the Cardiff skid pan on my singlespeed. But today………

Come what may, I’ll be out on the bike in a couple of hours. If the temperature has nudged above the line, I’ll be hitting the hills, spinning the 42 x 18. If the temperature hangs below it, I’ll head off road, hunched over the bars of my cross bike. Jack frost can do his worst, but you can’t miss two riding days in a weekend.

Contemplating a chilly few hours,has given me a head full of Majorca. Grinding out the hills and swooping towards the Cap de Formentor. Warm sun bathing exposed limbs. A cold beer beckoning. Or I’d happily settle for a little bit of Britanny. Flat country roads, pretty villages, high cadence. Vin rouge slung below the top tube of the road bike. Pain au chocolate stuffed in the rear pocket. Ever heard of Seu Jorge? He’s a Brazilian singer songwriter. His acoustic guitar drips sunbeam notes. Gazing out at the wan light creeping across the frozen lawn, his cover of ‘Everyone loves the sunshine’ is playing out in my head. Look it up for instant transportation to warmer climes.

Roll on summer.

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