Be-stoked Bristol

‘Stoked’ is not a word I use very often. Ever, in fact. I think I’m probably about 20 years too old to use it. Hey-ho. I seek solace in the fact that I know my beers and can dispense sage witticisms around the place like some sort of 40+ Yoda  (the best bit about not being a youngster. Shame I’m often wrong). However…….We’re all bloody stoked to announce that we’ll be at ‘Bespoked Bristol’ in March. If you’re unfamiliar with Bespoked, it’s a 3 day show that showcases the very best talents of independent frame makers and frame designers from these shores and beyond. Essentially it’s a great big meeting place for the public, industry and press to hook up with independent makers and designers of everything bicycle. To add to the spirit of the event, it’s all housed in the beautiful  Passenger Shed, adjoining Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station. With its vaulted arches and Victorian architecture (courtesy of  Isambard Kingdom Brunel), it’s a fitting setting for the show’s innovative spirit.

Isambard would have loved it; thank this man for the venue.

We’ll be there in two capacities. Firstly, we’ll have a stand outside the main arena where we’ll be showing off our stuff and available to talk about cycling and accept bribes of coffee and muffins to keep an eye on people’s bikes which will be………locked to our stands outside. We’ll be bringing along a stack of ‘toastracks’ for Bespoked Bristol use. Did I say 2 capacities? I meant 3. I’m thoroughly excited about the opportunity to meet and chat to the makers and designers of such beautiful and pragmatic machines. I’m just not confident at all , that I’ll be able to show the same self-restraint that was so surprisingly in evidence at London. But by Jove I’ll give it a crack.

Donhou bikes best in show 2011 - Image courtesy of Factory Jackson

Thinking it through……….I’d better do some overtime……….. NOW. 🙂

Bespoked Bristol will be at the Passenger shed, Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station from the 23rd-25th March 2012. Details of tickets and exhibitors are available here.

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