Back to school


If you were to ask me – and clearly you’re not – ‘what is the best thing that you’ve seen in cycling recently?’ I would fight my instincts and try not say ‘the viaduct at ribblehead’, ‘this glorious new frame from Feather cycles’ or ‘the prosaic function of the secure cycle shelter’ and answer instead ‘ the bicycle academy’. The perfect marriage of love and altruism, the bicycle academy is a crowd funded enterprise set up to teach frame building skills to the likes of you and I. On its own the idea is innovative and creative, but the approach taken to fund it, the notion of donating the first bike to African projects (see below) and the wider implications for the art of frame building, is wonderful. I could wax lyrical here, but I really don’t need to. To get a true sense of what it means to be at the heart of the cycling community, the academy are perfecting capable of articulating it themselves (below). Enjoy the video.

The Bicycle Academy is a new enterprise providing people with the skills and facilities to design and make their own bikes. Frame building will be taught by the legendary Brian Curtis as evening classes or short weekday courses. As part of the learning process each student will make a frame designed specifically for use in Africa. Once graduated students will be able to use The Bicycle Academy workshop to hone their skills and build their own frames.

Now, to get the project up and running we’re crowd funding The Bicycle Academy and that’s why we need your help. Our crowd funding campaign started on the 1st of November and will finish on the 13th of December. We’ve got the workshop, but haven’t got anything to fill it with – We need to buy brazing stations, a lathe, a pillar drill, jigs and a full complement of bike tools, so please support us by making a pledge.

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