Odoni photo competition – make ’em good!

Wow. We’re only a few days in and the standard is fantastic. To give you an indication of the quality, here’s a general cycle chic image sent to me by Colin Heppell in Hull. Colin created the website for East Coast Cycles in Hull (a brilliant shop previously featured here) and as you can see Colin is also pretty handy with a lens. So…….if this is the first time you’ve strayed across the competition, a quick recap of the rules:

Take a nice photo of an individual who meets the Copenhagenize manifesto for cycle chic, whilst he or she is securing their bike within a cycle shelter or next to a bike stand. Preferably ask the person first to avoid any poke in the eye type situations, or pedal like blazes clutching your camera like a prized medal.

It’s that easy. Or that hard (You be the judge!). All the details are here. We’ll publish as many nice ones as we can to support dapper cycling. As you can see the standard is going to be pretty darn good…….Good luck!

Kristie displaying fine Cycle chic in Hull

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  1. Hello Pru! I know Colin via e-mail via East Coast Cycles – He sent me some great pics (this one included). It is indeed a small world! Time for me to also credit Kristie, methinks……

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