Odoni on the road

Cycle show banner

We’re going to The CycleShow at the NEC.

It will be the first time that we’ve shown our new secure stands to the public, although we may give you a sneak peek here on the eve of the show. We’re on stand B22, which is only a couple of metres from the food hall (Simon booked the stand, hmm… 2+2=5)

In order to show the new products at their best we’ve had to get some product photos taken, so Phillip the photographer and our sales, marketing and cycling bruises expert Andrew, disappeared into the boardroom last week; along with a very sexy Raleigh Avanti Comp that was loaned to us by the very nice people at Cyclopedia in Cardiff (who will be getting a proper thank you in a separate blog post, rather than just a footnote in this one).

The photos look great, the bike looks gorgeous; as do our products (although we may be a little biased on that last one).

Keep your eyes open for the photos later in the week.

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