Practical. Sensible. Effective.

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She wore her bike like a glove. Or a hat. As a functional accessory that serves a purpose. She was dressed for the city. Relaxed in her clothes. Blending into the surroundings easily. She wore a helmet. Sturdy, grey, oddly sympathetic; headwear that spoke of practical uses beyond the bike. She carried a bag. Large enough to be slung across the back, but not so large as to swing. She locked her bike by Queen Street station. Soundly. Securely. Combining transport modes, utility was the order of the day.

This cyclist demonstrated how to dress and blend in; few concessions to the cycle industry, whilst riding on an old Diamond Back mtb (a bike that would foster little attention). Wearing her cycling credentials lightly. Dressing comfortably. Getting around speedily. Looking normal. Pragmatism honed to a fine art. No statements made, whilst making the biggest statement of all; CYCLING. IS PRACTICAL. SENSIBLE. EFFECTIVE

Hats off to the cyclist spotted this morning at 8.30am, Cardiff. Making cycling simple is a key to creating more cyclists. Image – hat stall off Covent Garden, London.